Almost 1000 films personally curated by Moving Story Entertainment – Classic, Lido, Cameo and Ritz Cinemas.

Welcome to At Home – a Video on Demand platform brought to you by Classic, Lido and Cameo Cinemas in Melbourne and Ritz Cinemas in Sydney. These four family-owned cinemas are all part of Moving Story Entertainment, along with the Jewish International Film Festival (JIFF), the Children’s International Film Festival (CHIFF) and Fantastic Film Festival Australia (FFFA).

At Home allows you to bring the spirit of Classic, Lido, Cameo or Ritz with you to your living room, as you watch movies from our carefully curated collections of films from both local and international distributors. We cover everything from new and recent releases to hidden gems from extensive back catalogues, with some premium content that we’re proud to say is exclusive to this platform.

Want to support women filmmakers? Check out something in our ‘Female Gaze’ section. Are you a diehard genre movie fan? You’ll have a ball catching up on everything in our ‘Weird and Wonderful’ section, with many films from the experts at the American Genre Film Archive. Were you not quite able to get around to seeing every single film at our last Jewish International Film Festival? Catch up on many of our JIFF favourites in the Jewish and Israeli Cinema section.

We’re working hard to add new films to At Home every week on a Thursday, so you won’t be stuck for something new to watch.

At Home has no joining fees or subscriptions. It’s free to browse and you simply pay for the films you want to watch. You can log in to At Home using your existing member details if you’re a movie club member at one of our cinemas, or you can create a new account for free. Valid members at our cinemas do receive 50% off select movies each month.

Enjoy At Home, and we look forward to welcoming you back to our cinemas on your next visit.

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